The main event in North America for fashion professionals ​

The main event in North America for fashion professionals ​


Where is the show held?
Both in January and July, the NY show takes place at Center415 – 415 5th Avenue (Bet 37th & 38th Streets) New York, NY 10016.

What are the show’s opening hours?
Tuesday: 9 am – 6 pm
Wednesday: 9 am – 5 pm

Is entry to the show free of charge?

How can I log-in to my account?
Please click here to log-in and register to our show.

How do I access the show?
If you pre-registered online, please present Première Vision QR Code pass – either via your smartphone or a print-out – when you arrive at the show.
Those who have not been pre-registered will be asked to register on their phone prior entering the venue.

I did register online, but I have not received my Première Vision QR Code pass. What should I do?
Please click here to log in your account and to retrieve your Première Vision QR Code pass. You can also contact us at in case you are unable to locate your pass.

Can I store my belongings at the show?
Yes, at all our shows we have a coat room.

Can I take pictures at the show?
Our shows have a strictly No-Pictures policy to respect the intellectual property of our exhibitors and seminar speakers.

Where can I buy the color range?
You can purchase the color range during the show dates at the color range sales desk. Please note that we only accept credit cards.

Is there a minimum for the orders I place with the exhibitors?
Each exhibitor has a policy for minimums, you can inquire with them at the show.

I am presently unemployed, can I attend the show?
Yes, you can still attend the show. You only need to register online.

Is there Wi-Fi at the show?
Yes, for every show we provide our exhibitors and visitors with free access to Wi-Fi.