The main event in North America for fashion professionals ​

The main event in North America for fashion professionals ​

Selection Criteria

All the Première Vision New York exhibitors must match quality, creativity, technical know-how, performance and reputation criteria studied by a Selection Committee, which validates new exhibitors on its own.

This requirement guarantees the exceptional offer we provide to international buyers, and it participates in our success and renown towards fashion professionals. The selection process is done by the Paris Selection Committee. Access to the Paris show gives automatic access to the New York show.

Première Vision New York is a selective show. Access to the show is restricted to companies who create, produce and sell products destined for the apparel market, leather goods, shoes, jewellery, accessories, companies whose files have been accepted by one of our Selection Committees, who are there to ensure the constant enrichment of the show’s overall offer. Meeting one or several of the criteria mentioned below is not sufficient for a file to be accepted. Applicants must refer to and provide information pertaining to each criteria in their applications.

The following criteria are taken into account in the selection process:

  • Quality and creativity
  • Continual development of original collections
  • Production equipment
  • Quality of service
  • Ability to respond to international demand
  • Commercial reputation
  • Financial seniority and solidity
  • Respect of ethical criteria