The main event in North America for fashion professionals​

The main event in North America for fashion professionals​


Première Vision Fabrics : vibrant, exciting trends.

Twice a year, New York welcomes Première Vision Fabrics , the world’s premier fabric show, which offers the season’s fashion directions some 18 months in advance. This hub of meetings and inspiration is both a unique place to do business and a trend laboratory.




An exceptionally rich offer

120 exhibitors. Each exhibitor has been selected on the basis of their creativity, present collections to match all needs, in a wide range of price levels: embroideries, lace, suitings, silkies, woollens, knits, colour-wovens, technical fabrics and more…

The forum

A true fashion event, this space plays on synergistic media, for a great big mix of fabrics, images and words. A cutting-edge selection of fabrics and colours invites you to discover the fashion convictions for the season.

For a quick and efficient reading, to spot indispensable products and locate the exhibitors proposing the season’s new products.

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