The main event in North America for fashion professionals ​

The main event in North America for fashion professionals ​

Smart Creation

Unlocking the potential of sustainable fashion



SMART CREATION IS A PLATFORM FOR COMMUNICATIONS, launched in September 2015, whose primary goal is to promote the responsible approaches of its exhibitors, and shed light on a new generation of values combining creativity, innovation and sustainability. The aim is to showcase new perspectives and new competitive advantages for the entire creative fashion industry. Solid business-development opportunities!

For a more sustainable, more ethical, and less polluting fashion industry, Première Vision is strongly committed to engage in the essential ecological shift undertaken in recent years by the textile world.

Since 2015, the Smart Creation offer features the environmental initiatives of exhibitors, deciphering the major issues of the industry and highlighting new values connecting creativity, innovation, and sustainability through rich and complementary content.

The Smart Creation podcast

Produced in association with Adrien Garcia from the podcast “Entreprendre la mode”, this monthly programme dedicated to eco-responsibility explores the potential of sustainable fashion with a new knowledgeable guest each episode.

A straightforward conversation in English that opens the debate and offers a lot of insights and ideas to its listeners.

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The Smart Keys

The Smart Keys are a series of comprehensive articles designed to help you shift to a more ethical material sourcing.

Biodegradability, traceability, plant-based materials or the mysteries of chemistry, each article gives you the key solutions to move step by step towards responsible and sustainable fashion.

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